In Memory

i finally revisited a bust i started a few months ago in memory of my Grandfather Juan Rivas. I spent 4hrs fixing proportions and add details of wrinkles. He was 89yrs old and the sweetest man i ever knew, he passed away May 3rd of this year. i miss him. i should of done it while he was alive but i guess i was to busy w/school at the time. I kind of dont want to show my family members until he is textured, has hair, and his suit of course. He gave me the best family any man could ask for, all his children went to college and raised great families of their own, i love them all so dearly...i just have to fly over to Chile to see them..or i can just use SKYPE! man that program is awesome its the next best thing, i feel like im talking through a window when we use it. And of course it's a zillion times cheaper. so thats all for now i hope you all have a nice thursday.


webcam faces

webcam faces
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just goofing around on my brothers webcam. i want one so bad, talk to relatives and friends from other sides of the planet would be pretty fun. heck draw w/them too. oh the possibilities...

took them in PS so they could face each other nicely, then added some blood just because it looked like they could use it and i used a red pen anyways.

* another interesting thing is that my brother has duel monitors so thats why they all turned out 3/4 views rather than the typical face looking into a webcam.

Anatomy Arms

Anatomy Arms
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drawing stuff like this makes me feel as in shape artistically as these muscles. And of course makes me want to work out more so i can see some definition on myself which will get me more familiar w/the body. Long story short, it's a win-win situation.


Break it down!

I asked my friend KNOW if he had suggestions for my blog and he said "might be good for more interest to show progression shotsor the sketch more images and content the better. Maybe free downloads of brushes and content."


New Edition

here he is, my latest creation. isn't he just beautiful. its hard to know when to stop. i wanted to add a photo of a warehouse in the background but, i wanted to keep it simple with the cartoony feel. i don't know if adding the glass was too much but it framed him so nicely. Just getting in shape w/the wacom. i need to do some animal anatomy next. oh joy! have a nice friday, and earn that weekend!
ps: kung-fu panda on DVD SUNDAY! a must buy for anyone who loves good story telling and animation + character design etc. 0OoOO special edition >_<
oh yeah! last but not least! (i know its a lil late) You might recognize him from such films as '300'
some actually said "it's award winning" :D about an hour.


Harmony + Computer = WACOM

Wa for Harmony or circle, and Com for Computer.
Its been quite some time since ive been able to play with a wacom on my home computer. Now im barrowing a 9x12 which is sooo fun. i need to practice a lot to catch up w/the world. So today i did just that. Baby steps, baby steps. Enjoy

Born 2 Draw

So if your curious what my right hand has been up to i will show you. No 3D sry. It's always a good time to draw :) Oh yeah lets clap it up for our new Pres. On that note i came up w/a political cartoon idea: MC KANE (McCain posing as a thug DJ trying to match Obama's coolness) So here are some random doodles i did on some worksheets:


Mark Gonzales

excerpt from Krooked Kronichles:

"This is New York City, live. Anything goes...if you want to be a throat slasher, a night stalker, you want to be a skateboarder. I think if your gonna do it, do it to your utmost capability. If your gonna do noes wheelies, do a noes wheelie bro! If your gonna be a cop arrest somebody, if your gonna be a cop use your night stick if your gonna be a mother be a nice mother. If your gonna be a dad...run away. (chuckle)"

-Mark Gonzales

ballpoint pen + watercolour + colour pencils (it's been too long)
"Love life, and life loves your back, with a few injures." - yo


Mo' Sketchbook

So i finally am getting the time to play with my Prisma gray scale markers (20% 40% 60% 80%) which means i'm revisiting my old sketchbooks to try to bring my doodles to the next level. So here they are! It was a lot of fun and i plan to keep going further with other sketching.

The Peace Robot i did the other night at my friend KNOW's house after looking at his Ashley Wood art book. Ashley Wood has an amazingly rapid style with form made from a chaos of quick strokes that makes badass robots and beautiful women.

The All Gangly dude was drawn at a 4th of July party last year. I don't remember who the gentlemen was but i do remember trying to distort his posture as much as possible, and i ended up getting some good comments to my surprise. I feel like his wrists are broken, and face isn't fitting on his head but none the less it was a unique character. Oh yeah and the sticky is something i did way back that was just hanging on my desk. I belive it fits better in the book.

The word POOP was me just fooling around showing that i can draw trendy (comedy central) type faces .Not so much the type but the packaging around it with a cleche splatter and arrows plus an extrusion of text to top it off. The rest where just silly faces like a Muppet detective a drunk party boy and a enlightened hippie.

The last one was full of BART passengers and one man from the airport in NY.

Photoshop was used to alter the war/cool gray Prisma color pass.


i've been having some fun in my sketchbook lately. the one on the left was illustrated during a long BART ride, which is always fun as long as you got a pen and paper. So many types of people on public transit and most of them don't care about someone doodling in the corner.
Now the strong man on the right was done at a friends house while we were watching UFC. The hands where the trickiest part since i had no reference but it was fun making a extremely ridiculous strongman. My English friend Roger said the muscles reminded him of a "frog" which i can understand, the dude looks like he has no skin so yeah...have a nice friday nite, i'm gonna try to get going to MURMUR




Thanks to Ken Hultgren for showing me the action and construction analysis. I hope to have more to show you in the following days/weeks.
I just finished an Ashley Wood inspired robot that i am in love w/at the moment. Last night i was at my amigo Gabe's house and i was looking at his awesome art books. I take another look at Sencilla Fanta and it inspired me to give it a shot. So today i colored it with a 60%warm grey and 20% cool grey Prisma marker. Now its ready to scan and f*** with in photoshop. until then hommies

peace out

oh yeah watched the VP Debate and i belive Palin brings nothing to the table. A 'soccer mom' can not run the country.


Another Zombie

a quick 10-15 minute concept i did for my brother who needed some help coming up with a concept for a zombie. I love messing around w/zombies because they come in all shapes and sizes, whether they are a former basketball player or some average Joe white collar worker. They're so fun because you can take a zombie as far as you want, like in DEAD SPACE which i am soooo excited about! That link has a lot of inspiring work to show which is probably the reason why i was able to sketch up a concept so fast. I'm told by my brother that this zombie is going to be used for a Metallica music video but we'll see. For the edits of this guy I want to show some bone and maybe have a flab of flesh hanging off from a wound.



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She sent me this photo and it instantly made me wish i was there with her that day riding bikes down Venice beach...but i feel that i was there. I say that because i called her while i was at Stinson beach for my dad's birthday.
I did have a lot of fun that day, jogging down the shore, rock climbing, throwing the Frisbee, and of course wrestling w/my Papa. I'll have to post those photos next.
Hearing the wind from her side of the phone call transported me. I could see her riding past the sand with a phone in one hand keeping us together.
(Now that's sort of the back story that went into the making of this digital collage of photo edits. I originally just started with one photo but the image is just so beautiful to me that one hardly seemed enough. For such a gorgeous photo that has so much life. Thank you PS for helping me get my color across)



mas cosita

I should always put up a new post before i go to sleep (good habit i'd say) well anyways what im trying is that this
OUTRO from Joaquin E. Jutt on Vimeo. is what's new



for the past few weeks I've been telling myself that i would add a new post to my blog. Now today is finally the day, i mean a few weeks ago i gave this blog a face lift but i did'nt have the time to write or show yous guys/gals what I've been up to.
my final project class is almost over and i should have a demo reel, website, resume, business card, and hopefully a job to show for it. Site is practically done just needs to be uploaded to my server. Resume is nice along with my card, i designed it all together to be packaged nicely. (i should upload some pics when they're all printed together so you can see all the TLC that went into it) I am working on my outro for my reel currently, the intro is pretty much done take a look for yourself!

Demo Reel Title Intro TESTv3! from Joaquin E. Jutt on Vimeo.



Zombie Baller from joaquin jutt on Vimeo.

so ive been taking my litte zombie further and have a bust practically finished. Not textured yet but thats what the color concepts where for so the texturing process will go smoothly. I rended this turntable for you guys or ladies...haha i even spiced it up a little with after effects. I got some nice critiques from my classmates that eventually but i need to attach it to the body that isnt finished yet and get those shorts going then last, make his shoes nice and pretty. Then i should be done witht he modeling and can go on to UVmapping and laying down those textures. I hope it all goes according to plan, its pretty overwhelming since this is basically gonna be my reel. (all my work, files, photography for the past 2 1/2yr is gone since some nice guy stole my hard drive and my backup broke "beyond repair")

no pressure.



"Comin' in Yeeeehaw!" I'm sorry for the delay, but you'll be happy to know i'm returning with a vengance. Graduation is near and there is no time to sleep. I've been going to town in my new class Advanced Production. Basically its the term we've all been waiting for, 5 weeks to create your 'star' piece for your demo reel. It's so much fun, i'm making a 3d model of a "I AM LEGEND" meets "Nike Basketball" with a hint of "Gorillaz" style character. I want it to look like a spec piece for Nike that shows off some of my favorite new talents i've learned at school.

ps. there will be alot more posts following the progress of my new baby(this character).



This was a lab assignment for my Compositing 2
class. I had a lot of fun and it was a great
exercise to learn rotoscoping and match moving.
I learned the lightsaber tecnique from RYAN WIEBER's
tutorial. The final touches with the color correction
and sound really tied it together pretty well. I hope
you enjoy.


Here We R.

"aren't i clever with the titles?" says he. Ok enough with the chit-chat, im in the library another evening but now i only have 9 finger for 1 of my 10 is out of commission. Why do u ask? well i shall tell, indoor soccer, fast balls, Lars Fredriksen, my thumb, and good defense. Enough about me...
:paint pen, back of a Shrek 2 poster, free time, and PS


back again

ive been failing at this daily blogging buisness but here i am trying to make up for it.Another little diddy Dave and I did a while back, still unfinished but i have an itching to make this in 3d. But 1st i have to finish his footsies, i was thinking a sort of coral/barnacle fusion . It would probably be best if i look at some concept art for Davey Jones and his crew. ILM did such a perfect job as usual, will anyone take their thrown as the top visual effects company...probably not. I should try a 3d version in Zbrush real quick to see how it feels. This guy has soo much character it needs to fit in the 3rd dimension.


Albert Einstein

so ive been meaning to do a bust of Albert E. in Zbrush for quite a while now. I mean his face is so iconic and i love to sculpt wrinkels (just like i do drawing them) so without further a do...

oh yeah i also just worked from one photo of reference.


Oh No!

i know ive gone MIA for a minute but i didnt think anyone would notice, oh well i did so here i am trying to make up for it with a little of this at that. So here 'that' is in all its gray scale glory. enjoy amigos!this guy was produced by Dave Cicale and I, he started the base of the robot and i think a tentacle with some shading. Then he handed it to me and i went to town with this freakishly cool character by adding buttons, switches, suctions, a pistol, skulls, and the mysterious dude's face inside next to the eye decal.


Back Again

This time bright and early, well at least i think its bright outside. I haven't been outside since biking to school at 1:30am. Now 9 hrs past i'm finished with my walk cycle animation with my rig for my animation 2 class. It's turned in and was just critiqued so now i can show you one of my latest sketches.
here she is, a sketch of the female form based off a reference image from www.3d.sk You can tell that i did the upper body first then i tried drawing another girl. I came back to this one and intentionally over exaggerated the hips down. I really thought it made it more unique than just another study/sketch. I guess i should color her too, i'll probably find myself saying that after every post.


Left Handed Mongrel

I try to keep my left hand active from time to time so he doesn't get jealous. So here I was trying to catch up to all the caricature of my right hand. Now i guess all that's left is to color it with my left...we'll see how that goes, maybe watercolors? Until then amigos, buh-bye


here I am trying to get back in the blogger world. I plan to post a sketch one a day for your enjoyment. Some will be new some a little older but all me. After I get into that rhythm for a while, if I can I plan do do a new sketch hopefully in PS daily. I see all these other talented artists making it look so easy so I know i can to. But FIRST! baby steps, onward to the sketches...