Warrior Concept

here's the concept

Warrior Concept, originally uploaded by jjutt.

Just another WIP! This one is getting finish though, from the mask to the teeth and hair all the way to the legs.

MEL scripting practice

cubes_edit, originally uploaded by jjutt.

Just practicing the fundamentals of MEL in Maya 2009. Rendered in Mental Ray

Fat old Head

Fat old Head, originally uploaded by jjutt.

I went into these 30mins not knowing where i was going or who i was making. Just having fun before i went home to bed. The base mesh was downloaded form Zbrushcentral.com

Rendered from Zbrush color corrected in Photoshop CS4


120min Mermaid

Mermaid, originally uploaded by jjutt.

I wanted to rush through the whole process.
I didn't want to get stuck at one step.

Adobe Photoshop CS3
Wacom Intuos 3


Alien Priest WIP

Alien Priest WIP2, originally uploaded by jjutt.

i wanted to make something malnourished with strong bone structure. This is what i came up with.

What do you think?
C&C are welcome


Happy 87th Birthday Grandpa!

Happy 87th Birthday Grandpa, originally uploaded by jjutt.

Just the 1st pass spent around 90mins. Let's see how far I go when I spend another 2hrs on him. I really enjoyed studying his features and proportions. Now its time for the detail of wrinkles and moles. Round Two Fight!

Worm Concept to Model

I've recently joined a group of students & alumni who are trying to help create the vision of our director/teacher Thierry DiDonna for a experimental class called Group Project at Ex'pression College for the Digital Arts.

To see the animatic click this:

And here is one of my concepts that have recently been modeled.
The story is really unique and symbolic as you will see w/this character. So i hope everything else moves smoothly. Enjoy