Dave Gibbons

Dave Gibbons, originally uploaded by jjutt.

@ The Apple Store in San Francisco, California promoting Watchmen. I got a signed copy #42. Now it's framed in my room.
Thanks Dave



Alien Bust v3

Alien Bust v3, originally uploaded by jjutt.

an older WIP. The body is based off a sketch of mine, the head design is all Vinod Rams


just some doodles colored in PS w/a dash of textures. They should all be animated. Animation has gotten back on my 2-Do List. Now let's just see me do it! Meow
i <3 animals and the study of anatomy.
thank you god

cookiemonster concept

cookiemonster concept , originally uploaded by jjutt.

sketches of my next painting on canvas*

mmm milk

mmm milk, originally uploaded by jjutt.

mmm texture/Photoshop

texture used: cardboard, decorative paper, denim
multiple layers for shadows and highlights
started with just a quick pen sketch
thanks to PS and 30mins of my time he came alive.


Kumadori Make-Up

I've always wanted to play with the designs of Kabuki theater, now i finally did it. I don't know if i should take this one further in Photoshop or just to keep drawing more variations. I should do both... well either way I'll post it up for your viewing pleasure.

Have a nice Easter weekend.


New Scanner!

T-Shirt Concepts

did these just for fun. I've been meaning to design some shirt for the longest time now. This is just the 1st batch I scrambled together. Plenty more to come, tell me what you think.


Green Screen Shoot

P3180024, originally uploaded by Knownamecho.

Sorry haven't posted in a while

Here I am ready to be shot for some personal green screen stock footage in HD1080i. It was a lot of fun, I just got to get to work on treating the footage. Echo has really been the director on this project. We'll let you know how its coming. We know the footage we got from that shoot has a lot of potential. We see so much being done on Motionographer, we're trying to step our game up.

I have some of the sketches/storyboards, just need to scan them soon.

He's got more production shots on his flickr. The image should have a link attached