Oh No!

i know ive gone MIA for a minute but i didnt think anyone would notice, oh well i did so here i am trying to make up for it with a little of this at that. So here 'that' is in all its gray scale glory. enjoy amigos!this guy was produced by Dave Cicale and I, he started the base of the robot and i think a tentacle with some shading. Then he handed it to me and i went to town with this freakishly cool character by adding buttons, switches, suctions, a pistol, skulls, and the mysterious dude's face inside next to the eye decal.


Back Again

This time bright and early, well at least i think its bright outside. I haven't been outside since biking to school at 1:30am. Now 9 hrs past i'm finished with my walk cycle animation with my rig for my animation 2 class. It's turned in and was just critiqued so now i can show you one of my latest sketches.
here she is, a sketch of the female form based off a reference image from www.3d.sk You can tell that i did the upper body first then i tried drawing another girl. I came back to this one and intentionally over exaggerated the hips down. I really thought it made it more unique than just another study/sketch. I guess i should color her too, i'll probably find myself saying that after every post.


Left Handed Mongrel

I try to keep my left hand active from time to time so he doesn't get jealous. So here I was trying to catch up to all the caricature of my right hand. Now i guess all that's left is to color it with my left...we'll see how that goes, maybe watercolors? Until then amigos, buh-bye


here I am trying to get back in the blogger world. I plan to post a sketch one a day for your enjoyment. Some will be new some a little older but all me. After I get into that rhythm for a while, if I can I plan do do a new sketch hopefully in PS daily. I see all these other talented artists making it look so easy so I know i can to. But FIRST! baby steps, onward to the sketches...