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She sent me this photo and it instantly made me wish i was there with her that day riding bikes down Venice beach...but i feel that i was there. I say that because i called her while i was at Stinson beach for my dad's birthday.
I did have a lot of fun that day, jogging down the shore, rock climbing, throwing the Frisbee, and of course wrestling w/my Papa. I'll have to post those photos next.
Hearing the wind from her side of the phone call transported me. I could see her riding past the sand with a phone in one hand keeping us together.
(Now that's sort of the back story that went into the making of this digital collage of photo edits. I originally just started with one photo but the image is just so beautiful to me that one hardly seemed enough. For such a gorgeous photo that has so much life. Thank you PS for helping me get my color across)



mas cosita

I should always put up a new post before i go to sleep (good habit i'd say) well anyways what im trying is that this
OUTRO from Joaquin E. Jutt on Vimeo. is what's new



for the past few weeks I've been telling myself that i would add a new post to my blog. Now today is finally the day, i mean a few weeks ago i gave this blog a face lift but i did'nt have the time to write or show yous guys/gals what I've been up to.
my final project class is almost over and i should have a demo reel, website, resume, business card, and hopefully a job to show for it. Site is practically done just needs to be uploaded to my server. Resume is nice along with my card, i designed it all together to be packaged nicely. (i should upload some pics when they're all printed together so you can see all the TLC that went into it) I am working on my outro for my reel currently, the intro is pretty much done take a look for yourself!

Demo Reel Title Intro TESTv3! from Joaquin E. Jutt on Vimeo.