This was a lab assignment for my Compositing 2
class. I had a lot of fun and it was a great
exercise to learn rotoscoping and match moving.
I learned the lightsaber tecnique from RYAN WIEBER's
tutorial. The final touches with the color correction
and sound really tied it together pretty well. I hope
you enjoy.


Here We R.

"aren't i clever with the titles?" says he. Ok enough with the chit-chat, im in the library another evening but now i only have 9 finger for 1 of my 10 is out of commission. Why do u ask? well i shall tell, indoor soccer, fast balls, Lars Fredriksen, my thumb, and good defense. Enough about me...
:paint pen, back of a Shrek 2 poster, free time, and PS


back again

ive been failing at this daily blogging buisness but here i am trying to make up for it.Another little diddy Dave and I did a while back, still unfinished but i have an itching to make this in 3d. But 1st i have to finish his footsies, i was thinking a sort of coral/barnacle fusion . It would probably be best if i look at some concept art for Davey Jones and his crew. ILM did such a perfect job as usual, will anyone take their thrown as the top visual effects company...probably not. I should try a 3d version in Zbrush real quick to see how it feels. This guy has soo much character it needs to fit in the 3rd dimension.


Albert Einstein

so ive been meaning to do a bust of Albert E. in Zbrush for quite a while now. I mean his face is so iconic and i love to sculpt wrinkels (just like i do drawing them) so without further a do...

oh yeah i also just worked from one photo of reference.