female sketchz

i drew these the other night to prove to some friends i don't always draw wrinkly, old, fat, guys or monsters. I can draw pretty girls too! now if i could just finish w/a pretty face, hands, and feet attached :P

BART sketch

BART sketch, originally uploaded by jjutt.

another day on BART (Bay Area Rapid Transit)


MonkeyBum, originally uploaded by jjutt.

it just came out that way


Still Dreamin'

Still Dreamin', originally uploaded by jjutt.

thanks to Abduzeedo's tutorial found here: abduzeedo.com/photoshop-quick-tips-6-cloudy-text

This was a lot of fun and i learn some neat tricks. i recommend you all give it a shot. only 10 steps*

*this is image illustrates how I've been feeling as of late


Back in it!

None of this would have been possible without the beautifully inspiring work of Vinod Rams.
The way he draws lines, the angles, the edges, the flow, the grit, the grim, the tendons, the fur, the style. I first came across his uniqueness from the Character Design Blog, now known as the CreatureSpot.com (a MUST see)
I always look to Vinod's work to see something different, mutated, and amazing.
I love it