"OK, First things FUCKING last!"

So here goes it.
Stop bitting your nails and type something. "Jesus, did I say that? Or just think it? Was I talking? Did they hear me?" - Raul Duke. So as this will go a litter better if i scanned my sketchbook more often. But this will do you fine. Since Animation 1 is trying to kick my butt we'll see if i repost soon, fingers crossed. im trying to get into this animation thing its fun but damn it does take long. The intranet is jour friend. it does a fair job keeping me inspired and dedicated seeing all the amazing stuff an artist can produce digitally A-May_ZIN! since my last 2 teachers have been lame as fuck (but lab instructors are cool) and most of my class mates for that matter i turn to the series of tubes to keep me tuggin.
CHOO choo ooooooo

oh yea, did this lil diddy in 15min. Welcome USER..

first things fucking last - nice guy eddy RIP