so i started playing this video game

it's called PROTOTYPE
it textures are pretty low res, animation's clunky, and the story is ehhh.
but i can't stop playing it >_<
its like Venom + GTA + Resident Evil + NY = lots of fun.

So, I took a screen shot.

Then I wanted to play with it in PS

*i just wanted to create a sort of apocalyptic feel
*Blur + Burn/Dodge + brush + color blend + vignette
* Originally i just wanted to save the swat costume
   but i fell in love w/the view :P



Common Sense Media 2 week Internship

In two weeks I was able to put this together for an unpaid Internship @ Common Sense Media in San Francisco. I really was impressed w/the turnaround, because I initially thought there was only time to get 30sec done.


45min Robot Head from Joaquin E. Jutt on Vimeo.

i've been trying to draw hard surface characters lately and now this is me trying it out in zbrush



Rich Doble's Crab Mech

Rich Doble's Crab Mech
Originally uploaded by jjutt

my good buddy mike bailey was needing some assistance in designing a texture for his model, so i decided to "throw him a bone" and this is what i came up with.

Modeled in Maya
textured in Photoshop
Original Concept by Rich Dobel


30min robot

30min robot
Originally uploaded by jjutt

i wanted to do a robot today.
so i did one in 30min
all color/texture was done after

i was thinkin dark wing duck / t-800/ District - 9


60min praying mantis

60min praying mantis, originally uploaded by jjutt.

two 30 minute speed painting done alongside my roommates.

the theme was future alien praymantis thing.

i love organic shapes



Welcome to SF

T-Rex, originally uploaded by jjutt.

This was a lot of fun. What started out as a sketch in my sketchbook turned into a Jurassic flashback.

Thanks to Angelo & Seth for the good feedback +suggestions

animated gif of the layer changes coming soon....


30min.femaleRobotAssassin, originally uploaded by jjutt.

what a fun exercise! especially with your new roommates! I got home and they said "30 minute female robot assassin!" and after solving some technique difficulties w/my computer we took off in unison. This is what I came up with.

ps i added all the background jargon after the 30mins