Break it down!

I asked my friend KNOW if he had suggestions for my blog and he said "might be good for more interest to show progression shotsor the sketch more images and content the better. Maybe free downloads of brushes and content."


New Edition

here he is, my latest creation. isn't he just beautiful. its hard to know when to stop. i wanted to add a photo of a warehouse in the background but, i wanted to keep it simple with the cartoony feel. i don't know if adding the glass was too much but it framed him so nicely. Just getting in shape w/the wacom. i need to do some animal anatomy next. oh joy! have a nice friday, and earn that weekend!
ps: kung-fu panda on DVD SUNDAY! a must buy for anyone who loves good story telling and animation + character design etc. 0OoOO special edition >_<
oh yeah! last but not least! (i know its a lil late) You might recognize him from such films as '300'
some actually said "it's award winning" :D about an hour.


Harmony + Computer = WACOM

Wa for Harmony or circle, and Com for Computer.
Its been quite some time since ive been able to play with a wacom on my home computer. Now im barrowing a 9x12 which is sooo fun. i need to practice a lot to catch up w/the world. So today i did just that. Baby steps, baby steps. Enjoy

Born 2 Draw

So if your curious what my right hand has been up to i will show you. No 3D sry. It's always a good time to draw :) Oh yeah lets clap it up for our new Pres. On that note i came up w/a political cartoon idea: MC KANE (McCain posing as a thug DJ trying to match Obama's coolness) So here are some random doodles i did on some worksheets: