Bezier Lines on Vimeo

Bezier Lines on Vimeo, originally uploaded by jjutt.

warming up with the help of Nick Campbell

This is a frame from a video. You can watch it on Vimeo.

L!NES h264

L!NES h264, originally uploaded by jjutt.

thanks to the help of my favorite grey scale gorilla


>>> on Vimeo

>>> on Vimeo, originally uploaded by jjutt.

-a time lapse in zbrush.
-film clutter added in After Effects
-song by Cage

*time to get back in the game



IMG_0009, originally uploaded by jjutt.

X line's 1st.
_ value 2nd
_ color 3rd

(Type "X" when completed)


new, originally uploaded by jjutt.


Enviroment Concept

another oldie but goodie done in 06 0r 07 when i first started learning how to play with a wacom in Photoshop. I ended up trying to put this in the unreal engine but didn't turn out so well due to time constraints :) doesnt mean i won't show you the rough sketches >_<

3 Cambodian Boys

i did this 2 years ago and came across it the other day in an old folder, so i scanned it and treated it in PScs3. Hope you like :)


here is a collection of drawing taken from the same black 4"x6" sketchbook comp.ed together in Photoshop CS3. With a little of blurring, duplicating, and coloring added to the mix. Still a work in progress...