What inspired me today

none of these are mine.
just cool imagery that i thought i should share.
And if it turns out you like what i like then i suggest
you go to my vi.sualize.us page 

Through vi.sualize.us you can right click and "add image to vi.sualize.us"
with the Firefox extension of course.


Chrissy Angliker

New Nudes 2




my NEW favorite toy

i rushed the sketch a bit but i had to! there was no time left in the day i had to go to sleep for the early commute next morning! it was time i drew this hunk of plastic before i take it back to my desk @ Slash FX.
He keeps me in check.


my deepest apologize world for my long blog absence :(

time for a change.

and here it goes...

oh i almost forgot!
Happy New!!!!!!!!!!

Don't forget
the future

a little Alchemy never hurt anyone! Wish i could say the same for this Dogod

Royal Purple, JJUTT, 2010, Alchemy, Photoshop

I saw a skull and I liked it. Reminds me a little of the Brainiac emblem from the Superman Cartoon.