FigureDrawing 4, originally uploaded by jjutt.

I always want to try figure drawing w/new mediums like my idol James Jean. He makes his figures looks saw flawless w/color and style. So here i am giving it a shot. Graph paper with red and purple Primsa colour pencils.

I added two layers of texture in PS. Cardboard and Decorative Paper.
Both found on www.cgtextures.com


Powerful, originally uploaded by jjutt.

Have I ever told you i love anatomy? The human body really is the perfect machine. Of course I admire all other animals, dinosaurs, & insects (i got to go visit the zoo).
You can never know enough anatomy!

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My BART Journal

Here are some of the people I've seen over the year's riding the BART. They come in all shapes and sizes, colors and creeds. What a wonderful melting pot I live in, you never know what kind of character you'll sit across from. Hopefully you just have a sketchbook in hand to capture their personality.


Alien Body WIP v4

Alien Body WIP v4, originally uploaded by jjutt.

Ok so i revisted the body, and i wasn't too happy with how it came out even though i had my reference. So after showing it to a few friends I started to see what they where talking about. Sometimes you have a feeling about something but you just can put a finger on it. That's why it's so important to get feedback to put you back on track. I took their notes and applied it in PS. I would love to read more critiques and comments if you have them.


No Exit

**I changed the name of my BLOG so please redirect yourself to www.jjutt.blogspot.com

This character is based off a lovely painting from Keun Chul called No Exit. With all the texture and history of his strokes that he puts into his characters (especially his monsters) I knew it would be fun to try to translate into Zbrush

see the original painting here: http://keun-chul.deviantart.com/art/No-exit-60510112

1hr 30mins

Late Nite Alien Face

just went off on a tangent again in Zbrush last night. Lots of fun. All color done in Photoshop along w/the obvious text and background.

no reference

The body is still WIP but if your curious you can see where it's at here: http://www.flickr.com/photos/jjutt/3256538372/



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late night doodling

late night doodling
Originally uploaded by jjutt
still drawing! i will never forget my 1st true love, The Pencil.