Zombie Baller from joaquin jutt on Vimeo.

so ive been taking my litte zombie further and have a bust practically finished. Not textured yet but thats what the color concepts where for so the texturing process will go smoothly. I rended this turntable for you guys or ladies...haha i even spiced it up a little with after effects. I got some nice critiques from my classmates that eventually but i need to attach it to the body that isnt finished yet and get those shorts going then last, make his shoes nice and pretty. Then i should be done witht he modeling and can go on to UVmapping and laying down those textures. I hope it all goes according to plan, its pretty overwhelming since this is basically gonna be my reel. (all my work, files, photography for the past 2 1/2yr is gone since some nice guy stole my hard drive and my backup broke "beyond repair")

no pressure.



"Comin' in Yeeeehaw!" I'm sorry for the delay, but you'll be happy to know i'm returning with a vengance. Graduation is near and there is no time to sleep. I've been going to town in my new class Advanced Production. Basically its the term we've all been waiting for, 5 weeks to create your 'star' piece for your demo reel. It's so much fun, i'm making a 3d model of a "I AM LEGEND" meets "Nike Basketball" with a hint of "Gorillaz" style character. I want it to look like a spec piece for Nike that shows off some of my favorite new talents i've learned at school.

ps. there will be alot more posts following the progress of my new baby(this character).