Cassie 00

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Still practicing


Cassie 01

Cassie.01 001
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Still practicing




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doodlemonster 2ndPass

doodlemonster 2ndPass
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The proportions came in the 1st pass which was based off one of my doodles from my sketchbook. There's all kinds of monsters in there.

COMING SOON... The 3rd Pass + Teeth!!!


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I asked my friend Maggie Sor what to draw.
She said dragonfly.

micron fine line pen


Another Sat. spent figure drawing (male)

On the way to Ex'pression @ 10:30am via bike & foot because i got a flat w/1mile to go! I was thinking it may not be as fun as last week because it would be a male this time. And with my experience its rare to get a strong defined male model but this Saturday we were in luck! It was definately worth the walk back in the pouring rain.

*note* the images are being show in the order that i drew them. Starting off with 5 minute poses then 10 and finally 20s.


PS I'm working on another zbursh head sculpt based off one of my ealier sketches. So look out for that post coming up! & I hope you enjoyed your weekend :D


Nicki 003

Nicki 003
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I took Andrew Jones' advice.
"Don't let the fear of failure hold you prisoner"
When I challenged myself to improve my versions of the female form. I'm still not confident w/drawing women. I need a lot more practice...
but still I climb.
I want to be able to draw females in any pose from memory.
I also want my own model.
That would be nice.

reference pic found here:


SumoreSketchesss older1s&NEW1s

Some of these were done months ago but never scanned. And some of these are brand new. No reference, just imagination :)


I think its safe to say i've improved with drawing the female form. Practice makes better.

low end BART

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had to lay on my stomach over the edge for this one! It was a slow Sunday morning, nothing to worry about. It was worth it. Not many people get to see the Macarthur BART Station from this perspective.


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t's been way too long since my last zbrush speed sculpt.
working 50+hr weeks will take it's toll on you...
BUT i'm not a fan of making excuses
so, 1hr passed and i made this bust and now i feel a lot better.
Thank you Zbrush & thank you www.lowendtheoryclub.com/podcast/


Newer Sketchz

CLICK thumbnail 4 Hi-Res

2min Warm Ups!

\\\You can learn a lot about yourself in 2min with a pen,pencil,and/or charcoal. I sure did, can you tell? Within those 120 seconds you have only enough time to put down the bare bones of the drawing, the foundation. It's about getting proportion down as fast and accurate as possible. I'm never too critical of myself in this phase, hell it's only 2minutes.
Next is 5mins, then 10, then 20s!
So the 2mins is really like your stretch before the marathon of what is timed Figure Drawing. And I will try my best to continue this exercise as long as I live!

"Party on Wayne" ///

How I Celebrated my 23rd Bday (in the AM)

I don't know if there is anything i'd rather spend my b-day morning that doing some figure drawing. Nothing beats real live models with good lighting >_< No matter what the shape there's always something you can learn about the form. Props and textures always make it fun.
I hope you like it.


PS i know it's been a pretty long minute since i posted anything of real worth. Today these drawings mean a real lot! and in years to come they will be real priceless. Especially in a nice frame.

PS pt.2 Next post will be the 2min warm up sketches. Oh joy!


Purp Demon Guy

purp demon
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about 30mins i think


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I want to thank Paul Pope for making this all possible >:}D

this style is very similar to his.
I remember reading Batman Year 100 a few years back
and his style always fascinated me,
so i think i picked it up slightly just through appreciation.

The black eye was inspired by this Gorillaz piece for Plastic Beach.

He looks like a New Yorker or maybe a middle eastern fellow? I definitely can hear a Brooklyn accent when i imagine it.

Maybe he's a mob boss?

You decide,

(ears suck!)


By the time I'm 25 I want to be living in Chile as a succesful artist (3d?)

My direct response to that statement is: What do you define as success?

Ever since returning back for my junior year in high school I realized I wanted to grow up to be a successful artist. In Chile.
Not knowing how I was going to get there, but what art-form I would choose.
The Pen.
They say "The pen is mightier than the sword"
But they never said what kind of pen >_<
pen, pencil, bow, flute, vocal it doesn't matter.

The art is what matters.
 "...in all it's heavenly glory" - B.Lee

When I went to Chile that 7th time for my summer I saw cousin's art framed in his parents house. I thought "Oh, that's nice." And by the way it was an amazing self portrait(profile) done with white chalk on black paper. I also saw my cousin start his own business in the capitol, Santiago. Only until many years later would i realize that, those little music,record,graffiti, clothing shops were the 1st of it's kind for THE COUNTRY of Chile.

Now, I can confidently say that my 1st cousin Nelson (Cekis) Rivas II was apart of the catalyst for the movement and growth of Hip Hop in that part of the country and continent.
Nelson now resides in a lovely concrete jungle known as Brooklyn. He flourished in Chile then flew to my country The US of A and I ultimately want to return the favor.
That simple, in its concept.

Life is about enjoyment, doing what you love. You don't have to be on your death bed to realize that.
And I think life will love you back in return.

Of course this is a overly optimistic opinion right now.
(& for the record I would like to state that "Life isn't fair and is painful")

"Ya gotta roll with the punches, kid." - some guy

Roll, build momentum, generate yourself, flip the switch, 1 not 0, redemption.

"We don't always get second chances."
But we do!

It's not over til it's over.
I'm 22.



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My own creation leaves me speechless. I don't even think a mother can love this face.

40min zbrush
40min photoshop