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She sent me this photo and it instantly made me wish i was there with her that day riding bikes down Venice beach...but i feel that i was there. I say that because i called her while i was at Stinson beach for my dad's birthday.
I did have a lot of fun that day, jogging down the shore, rock climbing, throwing the Frisbee, and of course wrestling w/my Papa. I'll have to post those photos next.
Hearing the wind from her side of the phone call transported me. I could see her riding past the sand with a phone in one hand keeping us together.
(Now that's sort of the back story that went into the making of this digital collage of photo edits. I originally just started with one photo but the image is just so beautiful to me that one hardly seemed enough. For such a gorgeous photo that has so much life. Thank you PS for helping me get my color across)


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