Mo' Sketchbook

So i finally am getting the time to play with my Prisma gray scale markers (20% 40% 60% 80%) which means i'm revisiting my old sketchbooks to try to bring my doodles to the next level. So here they are! It was a lot of fun and i plan to keep going further with other sketching.

The Peace Robot i did the other night at my friend KNOW's house after looking at his Ashley Wood art book. Ashley Wood has an amazingly rapid style with form made from a chaos of quick strokes that makes badass robots and beautiful women.

The All Gangly dude was drawn at a 4th of July party last year. I don't remember who the gentlemen was but i do remember trying to distort his posture as much as possible, and i ended up getting some good comments to my surprise. I feel like his wrists are broken, and face isn't fitting on his head but none the less it was a unique character. Oh yeah and the sticky is something i did way back that was just hanging on my desk. I belive it fits better in the book.

The word POOP was me just fooling around showing that i can draw trendy (comedy central) type faces .Not so much the type but the packaging around it with a cleche splatter and arrows plus an extrusion of text to top it off. The rest where just silly faces like a Muppet detective a drunk party boy and a enlightened hippie.

The last one was full of BART passengers and one man from the airport in NY.

Photoshop was used to alter the war/cool gray Prisma color pass.

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