In Memory

i finally revisited a bust i started a few months ago in memory of my Grandfather Juan Rivas. I spent 4hrs fixing proportions and add details of wrinkles. He was 89yrs old and the sweetest man i ever knew, he passed away May 3rd of this year. i miss him. i should of done it while he was alive but i guess i was to busy w/school at the time. I kind of dont want to show my family members until he is textured, has hair, and his suit of course. He gave me the best family any man could ask for, all his children went to college and raised great families of their own, i love them all so dearly...i just have to fly over to Chile to see them..or i can just use SKYPE! man that program is awesome its the next best thing, i feel like im talking through a window when we use it. And of course it's a zillion times cheaper. so thats all for now i hope you all have a nice thursday.

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Seth Henderson said...

Amazing work Joaquin! That looks just like him. I'm sure he would be very proud and honored