SpeedPainting_dog the bounty hunter 45min

What started off w/some drum and bass music turned into a 45 speed painting test. I had a lot of fun w/this one. No rules just draw, shade, hightlight and erase. I started w/the eyes and nose and just branched out from there. I really wish i recorded it, so you could see my workflow. I didnt want to use the eraser at all, just black & white for adding and subtracting the form. It's really starting to feel like sculpting which i am really excited for!

As I look back at this character i try to decide where all the influences came from and i think i figured it out. I was looking at a book earlier in the day about an artist named Akira Toriyama (DragonBall etc.) and i love how human he made his animals look. So that i belive is why i added the dog ears and fat lips/teeth. The cape could have come from the same reference but i believe that is just that fact that i like super heros and haven't drawn fabric in a while. Earings are just cool to add on to any character and the same goes for the patch too. Wrinkles are a lot of fun and add so much history to a character. Then if you notice i tried to add scars coming from the patch which where drawn w/the same approach for all the wrinkles just a bit sharper and more inbetween.
Have a MEGA day.

oh yeah, after all said and done the name was the last thing that came to me.

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