Let's Go!

this all started on the drive to LA. When my share of the driving was over i decided to see how my laptop would handle Zbrush. It wasn't that bad, i mean slow, sure but i think i got something cool out of it. So that was enough to make realize that this 4yr old laptop still can produce which is great, especially when your mobile.I woke up this morning at 5am, turned on the radio to NPR. Then decided to revisit this guy to figure out how i could render his wireframe in Zbrush if at all. I couldn't figure it out at first, so i just went and rendered out different skin looking matcaps and fancied it up in Photoshop.Finally i messed around w/so many and figure out this method
1.)Turn on the Polyframe view
2.)Preferences>Draw set the following:
  • PFrame 100
  • Pf Color White
  • PFill 0
3.) Set the canvas to pure black and turn on Render>Flat

Lastly i dolled up the render in Photoshop again. I couldn't help myself

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